Monday, August 6, 2018

Monday Make Itz


An Air Force Base is not far from my home. 
The local paper had an article about an individual
crocheting beanies for Vets. 
She created a pattern and found the correct colors for
all branches of the military. 
She was asking for help with this project for 
a Veteran's Appreciation Picnic in October, and
to send hats to the nearest VA nursing home. 
Since the military is near and dear to my heart,
I felt this would be a great project!
(My dad was in the Navy, my father-in-law in the Army,
 my husband in the Air Force, my son in the Air Force,
 my son-in-law in the Army, another son designs buildings for military bases,
 and my brother was in the Army.)
It is a simple pattern, and a beanie can be made in an evening of Hallmark Movies.
My biggest challenge was finding the correct colors of Red Heart Super Saver Yarn, 
but after checking in all the nearby Walmarts and Joanns, I am now stocked up. 

So far I have finished an Air Force, Army and Coast Guard. 
I'm working on a Marines and Navy.

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