Saturday, August 4, 2018

Saturday Sayingz

Life is Fragile, Handle with Prayer.

I truly believe we connect with people for a reason. Today at Aldi, I was patiently waiting for the lady next to me to put her few groceries into her car. She saw me waiting and apologized for taking so long--then she began to cry and told me that she had just received a phone call that her son had died. As I conveyed my sincere sympathies for her loss, she came over and hugged me. I asked her if I could call someone, take her home, or at least follow her to make sure she arrived safely. She assured me she had family nearby. 
She then told me that her son was 26 and had heart problems since childhood. I waited with her until she felt composed enough to drive. As she was backing out, she asked me to pray for her son, whose name was Brian. So please say a prayer for Brian, and his brokenhearted mother.

1 comment:

  1. God planned for you to be at the same place as this woman. I less compassionate person would not have taken the time to help this woman through this emotional time.


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