Sunday, September 16, 2018

Saturdayz Sayinz


This was one of my Dad's favorite sayings.
He grew up during the depression, so nothing was wasted.
While not being wasteful is always a good idea,
this saying also became a rather comical comment
to situations during my childhood.

Needing a large jar of M&Ms for a club project,
I ordered one from Sam's Club.
Below is how the jar arrived via FedEx.
Now this jar was not shipped in a flimsy package,
it was double wrapped with foam along with
a cold pack to keep the "Melt In Your Mouth,
Not in Your Hands" candy from melting.
Someone had to work hard for this product to arrive
in this condition. What a sad waste of good candy.
I actually found the humor in what happened
and am happy to report a replacement is on its way.
Stay tuned.....

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