Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Wednesday Websitz


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This is a great website for all who need to be organized for the Holidays.
This was my go-to site for lists and printables.
I especially liked the gift list and Christmas card list.
I used to go all out for the Holidays from Halloween to New Years when my children
were young and my family was still intact.
Gift giving and decorating are very simple now
that they are scattered throughout the USA
and have their own families.
Each family receives a Sam's Club membership,
and the grands receive something to save for their future.
Sometimes I find fun activity books to send as well.
Many years ago, resident agronomist made a simple tree out of
wood which has now become our main decoration.
I also display at least one Nativity set on the mantel.
Even the Christmas card list has gotten shorter due to
losing special people in my life.
I have wonderful memories of Holidays Past,
but the older I get, the simpler the better.

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