Sunday, November 4, 2018

Monday Make Itz

Let's make a walking path...and we are walking...

Since we moved to the "Acres"  seven years ago
I have wished for a walking path.
Life got in the way of this wish for many years, 
but resident agronomist was finally able to 'get 'er done.'
There is now a mowed walking path around the property
that includes a million dollar view. 
Three times around the new path, including the area around 
the pine trees in the front yard, measures a mile. 
Sadly, we lost another Bradford Pear tree in the latest wind storm. 
However, the pine trees are growing to fill in the gaps. 

Start here!

Enjoy the view!

So sad to lose a tree. 

The Pine Trees are growing! 

Even our special visitors are enjoying the new path. We laugh at their quick visits. 

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