Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Tuesday Tipz

100 and counting!!!!!

Beanie count is over 100!
The beanie count is now over a hundred.
The Black Friday sales stocked up the yarn supply for the long winter. 

A young friend of mine told me of his mother's
battle with breast cancer. He said it was time for 
him to find hats for her. 
I asked him to come by and pick out  
beanies made with love. I wanted her to have 
at least one for each day of the week. 
He chose 7 that he thought she would like. 
I received the sweetest thank you note from his mom. 
This made my day and  the light bulb went off--
I should donate beanies to the local program that helps people with cancer. 
This program helps with bills and keeps a supply of hats and beanies for 
patients going through chemo and radiation. 

Another program that is near and dear to me 
is the Angel Tree for Senior Citizens who are cared for at home. 
A local Bank has the tree with simple wishes for these seniors. 
I inquired if I could donate extra beanies--they were excited to have more to share. 

TIPZ---here is a list of programs that would appreciate hand made hats, scarfs and gloves.
            Some facilities take donations all year since buildings tend to be cold. 

1. Schools
2. Nursing and Extended Care Facilities
3. Veteran's Programs and VA care facilities
4. Shelters
5. Help at Home Programs for Elderly and Disabled
6. Cancer Programs
7. Food Banks and Clothing Give A Ways
8. Programs for New Mothers and Babies

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